Understanding people and their “caring centers”

Let me start by introducing a model where I will present people as a hierarchy of systems governed by its own laws. Please note, the following DOES NOT PRETEND to be a model of truth but rather a model of understanding).
People as a hierarchy of systems:

Laws governing the hierarchy of people systems:

Law #1 No system can create a second system as sophisticated as itself.
o Corollary: No system can conceive of the sophistication level of its creator.

Law #2 No lower level system can be used to either measure or control a higher level system.
o Addendum: Any attempt to do so will have the opposite effect.

The first law has a special meaning with respect to people because the human is a composite of a hierarchy of systems. The first level system of the humanoid is the spirit, the primary system. The body, second level system is not as sophisticated as the spirit, not even able to comprehend the sophistication of it. The brain, not the physical brain that is part of the body, but the thinking part, the intellect, a third level system is not as sophisticated as the body, let alone the spirit. The thinking brain has a special task, to maintain awareness, “Cogito ergo sum; I think, therefore I am.” No wonder that we nurture the idea that our intellect runs the show. And, indeed it does, but only as a delegate, and when the show it’s running displeases the spirit, or the body for that matter, it gets interrupted, just as the Controller of a company is overridden by the President or Chief Financial Officer on such occasions.

Because we are social creatures, we created a fourth-level system called language and everything else that mankind has created is a fifth level system; e.g. government, law, sciences, et cetera.

This model of understanding says that we can’t build something as sophisticated as we can talk about and we can’t wrap our tongue around as much as we can think about and we can’t even think about the sophistication level of our body, and our spirit is yet more sophisticated and runs the show.

Each of us can relate some life experiences to this model. Maybe you were driving your car and suddenly found yourself skidding to a stop, your foot hard on the brake, before your mind registered the yellow blur of a dog dashing across your path. Maybe you’ve spent some summer day hiking along a railroad track, with nothing better to do than see how far you can walk along, balancing on the rail, and you noticed the more you think about what you’re doing, the sooner you fall off.

The secret to the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, happiness, power or just over all well-being of this hierarchy of systems called the humanoid, is harmony; harmony between your spirit, your body, your brain and your mouth. We all can recognize people exhibiting this harmony. We say “He speaks from the heart” or “She carries commitments well” or “She’s easy to deal with.” What we are witnessing is the extra energy they have to apply to authentic communication with others. We can also recognize when they don’t have it. They tend to be defensive, evasive, and sometimes unduly suspicious. There is something missing in their communication. Guess what? It’s energy. Their energy of attention is being consumed internally.

Next post: The need for proper use of subjectivity when “managing for energy”.

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