People Management and, why it Matters?

In this blog – drawing from a book I co-authored with Michael Howe of Who Cares Motivational Systems – I intend to deal with matters relating to people from a management perspective.

In my first series of posts, I intend to explore how our management systems are failing to take advantage of the full power of the human being:

  • Does Management exist and can people be managed?  I will share with you what I mean by “People Management” and the advantages to be derived from managing them properly.
  • What management is made of, going beyond the “informative” academic understanding of management (i.e. useful in that it helps you look good during the next cocktail party conversation) towards an “instructive” experiential description of it (useful when you happen to be in deep “doo-doo”).  We call it the power of understanding “Who Cares”?
  • I will discuss the current trend in management, where Human Resources end up being managed on an equal basis with other resources which is counter-productive.  I will advocate for the importance of introducing a measure of subjectivity in your Management Practice if you want to increase your effectiveness managing people.
  • I will discuss the importance of Managing “Shared Values” to help support behaviors conducive to getting the work done, the issues addressed and the objectives properly planned and met.
  • I will talk about “organizational plumbing” being as important as “organizational structuring” if the organization is to properly serve its owners, its clients and its employees; each of whom have their own vested interests ; which are, not surprisingly, in conflict with each other.

3 thoughts on “People Management and, why it Matters?

  1. Hi Guy;
    Hope you had a good trip home. Excellent week of training, though very tiring.
    I have had a quick look at your blog, which has some intriguing ideas. I had a look at some other sites:
    I think you have a very engaging personality with a provocative approach which does not really come through on your blog. You may think people get what you are saying because of your excellent ideas. Nope, it is your delivery and off-centre excitement. The ideas stick and then afterwards when you begin to realize how much insight they provide.
    There are social media consultants. One of them walks my mom’s dog. These bright people help their clients develop and implement strategy. I suggest you find one and then create a social media project. You would be the client, because you don’t really understand this stuff. Not your fault, our generation usually doesn’t, but we can still use it, we just need expert guidance.

    • Hi Sandy,
      I would like to thank you immensely for taking the time to provide me with this feedback. I will definitely look into creating a social media project.

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