You may have a sick project, a group struggling with productivity, confused reporting relationships, a dissatisfied client(s) / supplier(s) (whether they are external paying customers or internal service clients), a heavy workload or other such problems. Often these situations are rife with the following symptoms / pain: apathy, fear, frustration, suspicion, and loneliness.

Good news! If change is a hard sell, it is an easy purchase for people who are in pain. These five types of pain constitute five sources of energy to fuel change and I can help you, enable your people, to liberate themselves from the pain of status quo while improving their productivity and the quality of their working lives.

I have many years of experience intervening with employees and management confronted with pain.

Here are some of the areas where I can help you:

➢ Project Management;

➢ Line Management;

➢ Service Management / Customer Satisfaction.

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