Since 1986, in addition to my training and consulting assignments, I worked in close collaboration with Mr. Michael Howe to develop and refine a suite of Management Processes applicable to the following fields: managing your employee(s), managing your boss (es), managing your client (s) and managing your project (s). Starting with project management (initially sold under the trade mark of PROVAC ), each of the processes was developed empirically, in collaboration with clients. As we say in the book:

“We have spent the last thirty-plus years working with clients, helping them implement better processes for managing their people. Along the way we were observing the behavior patterns emerging from using the new processes, and refining the models further.” From the preface of our book : Who Cares.
This book is about our story and the processes we and our clients have refined to liberate the power in their people.

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" Who Cares Management Centre "