Guy Viau has a M.Sc. in Project Management (1986). He is the co-author of « Who Cares » a book, dealing with processes for empowering people in your management systems (not to be confused with “Human Resources Management”). Since 1986, Guy has assumed Project Management and Management Training and Consulting assignments throughout Canada, in both official languages. For many years, Mr. Viau also taught Management courses for the faculties of Administration and Industrial Relations at the “Université du Québec à Hull” (UQAH*).

Guy founded GRV Management Consultants in 1986 after a 15 year career in Informatics. During the following 26 years, in addition to his training and consulting assignments, he worked in close collaboration with Mr. Michael Howe to develop a suite of Management Processes applicable to the following fields: managing your employees, managing your boss (es), managing your client (s) and managing your project (s). Starting with project management (initially sold under the trade mark of PROVAC*), each of the processes was developed empirically, in collaboration with clients. As we said in the book:

“We have spent the last thirty-plus years working with clients, helping them implement better processes for managing their people. Along the way we were observing the behavior patterns emerging from using the new processes, and refining the models further.” Who Cares (Preface)

This book is about our story and the processes we and our clients have refined to liberate the power in their people.

* The UQAH is now called “Université du Québec en Outaouais” (UQO).
* PROVAC is a trademark of Software Brokers Ltd. This company is now called Who Cares Motivational Systems and belongs to Mr. Michael Howe.

What participants are saying about my workshops !

"Guy was an excellent instructor. He made all of the material accessible and interesting. His use of real-life examples helped make the session better."

"Guy's strength and knowledge was multifaceted, the pace and material covered was well planned."

"Guy was fantastic. His examples were great, relevant to the cross section of students. High energy level. A great motivator."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and Guy's discussions with regards to applying his personal experiences with project management were very helpful in grasping some of the difficult situations PM's face."

"Guy was excellent! His knowledge of project management combined with his ability to provide meaningful examples and context of the subject matter was extraordinary. His teaching was relevant and enjoyable. He held our attention throughout the five days."

"The best instructor I have had in 15 years of training. I really enjoyed his teaching style and I learned a lot from his approach."

"The facilitator was absolutely fabulous! He made the course extremely interesting and was very knowledgeable."

"The most effective facilitator I have ever had."

"Fantastic! Excellent work by Mr. Viau. He was engaging, supportive and created an excellent environment for him and the class to share our knowledge and experiences. He is obviously very knowledgeable and I feel fortunate to have been in his class."

"Guy was very knowledgeable in the area of project management. His manner of presenting information was very clear and I have taken away a number of approaches he presented in class and am already implementing them in my work. An excellent course."

"The facilitator used examples that were simple and easy to relate to. He was able to capture my attention by the way he was giving his explanations. He has been the best facilitator to this date."

"The instructor was one of the best I've encountered. Guy truly knew his content and was extremely interactive with his class which created a great dynamic. Kudos!"

"Guy Viau is likely the most knowledgeable instructor I have ever learned from. His expertise, examples, and quotes, were a great help."

"Guy Viau is an EXCELLENT facilitator. He is one of the best I have ever come across. He is passionate about Project Management; knows his material; his people skills are impeccable; he maintains control; ensures that individuals understand the concepts; takes the time to walk through when anyone is struggling; and has a good sense of humor. Overall, an excellent investment for me and my organization. I would not hesitate to recommend to any of my colleagues to participate at this workshop."

"The instructor was one of the best teachers I have ever had in my entire career of 16 years. He knows his material and how to transfer the knowledge"

"Guy was excellent. Highly knowledgeable, informative and entertaining - the course was as engaging on Day 5 as it was on Day 1 - no easy feat."

"Exceptional! Guy was very dynamic, interesting and knowledgeable. I was completely exhausted at the end of the day from paying attention."

"Much of the knowledge imparted was based on experience and anecdotes - I would recommend this course to my colleagues."

"The facilitator was animated, attentive, and showed an admirable level of respect to the students and their opinions."